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Twitter blocks government agencies from data

The question of how much user data should be accessed by government agencies is up for debate again in the US with a recent move from Twitter to block Government Intelligence agencies in the United States from accessing  a widely used data mining service of which it partly

FBI-Apple encryption dispute over….for now

Following months of back and forth conversations, demands and court cases…authorities have stepped back from a demand given to Apple for assisting in a recent case. The case surrounded a key piece of evidence, one of Apple’s iPhone 5C mobile phones which had been alleged to be used by

Apple returns to media attention with an update bug

Apple is back in the media again this week, confirming problems this time around with it’s range of iMac/MacBook computers experiencing software update problems. During a recent security update the Ethernet port is disabled on some systems due to an exclusion being added to prevent the Ethernet

Legislation paves way for surcharge crackdown

When it comes to purchasing tickets online or a coffee at the favorite spot in town with the credit or debit card, we’ve been hard pressed to find a way of getting out of being charged for the transaction fees that the vendor is charged to make