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A First For Consumer Tech Expo’s In Australia

The countdown is on to what is dubbed as “Australia’s First Consumer Technology & Gadget Expo” happening in the city of Melbourne this weekend. For the first time in the country, a public display showing some of the best and most innovative products that are on the

Algeria’s Social Media Ban

Technology and the Internet in particular has become a great resource for education for the most part, but it also presents challenges for learning when it comes to assignments or exams. Algeria is just one of the countries in the Middle East that has been experiencing the

HP Announces Battery Recall

Recalls do not seem uncommon these days, given the demand for products & the turnaround required to get them to market in order to satisfy the end users purchasing the items. The most recent recalls in the tech sector came from Microsoft & Apple with some Adapters

Microsoft wants in again on social media

Social media is playing such a big part in our Internet usage these days,  with 15 million of our 24 million population here in Australia recorded to be on social media networking sites such as Facebook as of March 2016 (ABS Statistics). Given the incredible interest on

Twitter blocks government agencies from data

The question of how much user data should be accessed by government agencies is up for debate again in the US with a recent move from Twitter to block Government Intelligence agencies in the United States from accessing  a widely used data mining service of which it partly